Reuniting Parents and Children in Brazil

International child abduction is more than a legal challenge; it’s a deeply personal crisis, especially when a child is taken to Brazil. This situation requires urgent action, a clear understanding of complex laws, and a compassionate legal ally.

Dr. Mauricio Ejchel, a prominent lawyer in Brazil, has dedicated his practice to this unique field, successfully returning children to parents abroad, including in countries like the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. His experience and human touch have made him a trusted advocate for families in these distressing situations.

Brazil’s commitment to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction adds another layer of complexity. Understanding this treaty and Brazil’s local laws is not just a technical exercise; it’s an essential part of crafting a successful legal strategy. Dr. Ejchel’s expertise in these areas ensures that families have the legal support they need, tailored to their individual circumstances.

Dr. Ejchel’s comprehensive services include:

  1. Record of Reuniting Families: History of effectively returning children to parents in different countries.
  2. Immediate Legal Assistance: Prompt response, guidance, and initiation of legal proceedings.
  3. Thorough Legal Analysis: Assessing the individual case’s legal circumstances, understanding international and Brazilian laws.
  4. Client Communication and Trust Building: Regular updates, clear communication, and development of a trust bond.
  5. Collaboration with Global Partners: Networking with legal professionals across borders, ensuring a coordinated strategy.
  6. Customized Legal Strategy: Tailoring a legal plan to meet the unique needs of each case.
  7. Emotional Support and Counseling: Understanding the emotional aspects of these situations, providing support and referrals to professionals when needed.

Dr. Ejchel’s clients, from various countries have shared their positive experiences, highlighting both legal success and commitment to their cases. These testimonials reflect the international scope of Dr. Ejchel’s work and his ability to navigate complex legal systems across different jurisdictions. experiences, highlighting both legal success and commitment to their cases.

Child abduction to Brazil requires an experienced legal advocate. Dr. Mauricio Ejchel provides an extensive array of legal support for parents seeking to reunite with their children.

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Dr. Mauricio Ejchel

Lawyer in Brazil

International Lawyer, graduated from the Law School of the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, Postgraduate in International Relations at Laureate International Universities, admitted to the Brazilian Bar in 1995, founding partner of MF Ejchel Advocacy International (est. 1996), law specialist commentator at the Brazilians TV Networks and columnist for Radio Justice, that belongs to the Brazilian Supreme Court.

Dr. Ejchel concentrates his expertise on international family law, lectures on international child abduction and other international family law topics on television and radio show and is frequently featured in the print media.

As an academic writer, has several legal articles published both in Portuguese and English.
With over 25 years of legal experience and commitment to the advocacy, he provides strategic legal advices based on his ability to manage complex cases and negotiate legal contingencies, being also an experienced barrister, obstinately acting before the Brazilian Courts in numerous lawsuits.